Many different projects are in need of adoption!

Vernacular video mission and ministry is all about energizing local churches to be involved with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples using the great tool of video.  This means that many local, indigenous, ethnic-language churches are involved with VVMI’s ministry partners to write film scripts and provide actors, music, critical previews of new films, and then use the finished productions for evangelism and Christian education.

On the other side of the equation, local churches and individuals in the United States (and sometimes in other developed countries) assist the nationals’ efforts through sponsorship of strategic projects and by sending representatives (known as “mission volunteers”) to deliver project equipment, see the ministry first-hand, and encourage the brothers and sisters in their faith.

Ministry projects are always related to the advancement of vernacular video ministry and are designed to meet real needs for making films (productions), showing films (projection), training (technical and theological), facilities (studios and offices), vehicles, and occasionally for livelihood purposes to assist dedicated ministry workers.

In addition to ministry projects, “VVMI projects” are available that assist the mission with its operating expenses.  VVMI projects seek funding for office materials and equipment, media materials and equipment, staff transportation, and occasionally for special mission needs.


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