Ministry Partners

VVMI partners with the following ministries:

Vernacular Video Ministry Church Mobilization Iniatiatvie (VVM-CMI), Philippines

VVM-CMI’s motto is: “Sharing the Message through Video and Scriptures.”  The VVM-CMI is helping empower groups of churches within a geographic or language region that choose to cooperate together in prayer, in the sharing of the Gospel and Scripture, in the sharing of projection equipment for film showings, and in the making of new vernacular productions.  In the process, VVM-CMI partners are starting new Bible studies and planting churches in many provinces of the Philippines.  The VVM-CMI is continually looking for where God wants them to expand their cooperative efforts, including beyond the Philippines if that door opens.

Vernacular Media Network (VMN) Mindanao, Philippines

VMN produces and shows Christian Vernacular Videos aiming to bring in those who we are still outside of the family of God , and at the same time equipping those who are already believers. VMN evangelizes, edifies, equips and exalts God through Media Ministry. Their motto is “We Show The Way!” and their goal is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through video to the Indigenous People of Mindanao – and beyond.

Viña Association, Guatemala, Central America

Viña is a nonprofit ministry birthed by the Central American Branch of SIL International. Viña’s mission is to build on the legacy of SIL’s 49 years of Bible translation within Guatemala and Central America. Viña seeks to carry on the vision of providing God’s Word for the minority groups through the use of nationals using high technology to produce Biblical materials appropriate for oral cultures. Viña personnel represent various ethnic groups, representing Mayan, Latin and North American culture. This trans-cultural mix is an important factor in Viña’s effectiveness as a ministry, as it provides a context where the uniqueness of each person’s cultural perspective is honored and valued. The result is an ability to use highly innovative strategies in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way.

ILMAV—Impacting Minority Languages with Audio Visuals

Taking their name from their commitment to see each minority people group have access to the Word of God in their heart language, “ILMAV”  stands for “Impacting Minority Languages with Audio Visuals.” ILMAV’s vision is for lives to be transformed through seeing and hearing the message of Scripture in the heart language. While primarily focused on Peru, they are committed to serving language groups throughout South America.

OC Africa, Southern Africa

OC Africa is an interdenominational ministry committed to developing, equipping, and mobilizing church leaders to multiply healthy, Bible-based churches in every community in Southern Africa and the world.



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