In 1979 (over 30 years ago!) missionaries were sent to serve among the Kankanaey people in northern Luzon, Philippines.  The first years were spent learning the language and the culture and doing some church planting.

In 1982, they joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, with the primary purpose of distributing and promoting the Kankanaey scriptures.

In 1985, a young Kankanaey believer became a full time distribution/promotion partner. Their strategy was to use video in order to get the Kankanaey people excited about the Kankanaey Scriptures. Initially, they pioneered the dubbing of the New Media Bible videos (professional productions of LUKE and GENESIS, similar to “The Jesus Film”) into the Kankanaey language and showed them in hundreds of villages.

Then in 1990, the first original video was produced and shown at the dedication of the Kankanaey New Testament. 20,000 people attended this dedication and all 7,000 Kankanaey New Testaments were either sold or put on consignment within a month!

In 1992, Vernacular Video Ministry (VVM) started. It is a national ministry that continues to train ethnic producers and projectionists in northern Luzon and other regions of the Philippines.

In 1996, a partnership began with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) missionaries in Mindanao, Philippines, to start Vernacular Media Network (VMN), a national ministry which continues to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through video to the Indigenous People of Mindanao – and beyond.

In 2000, Vernacular Video Mission International (VVMI) was incorporated. The VVMI Board of Directors strongly believes that equipping and training ethnic nationals to proclaim the gospel through video in their common language (VVMI mission statement) is a great idea, not only in the Philippines, but anywhere in the world.

In 2007, Colin Edwards became the Executive Director of VVMI.  VVMI re-emphasizes the importance of vernacular Scriptures in addition to films for discipleship.

In 2008, VVMI further expanded and began a new partnership with Viña Studios in Latin America, a national ministry based in Guatemala which targets minority language groups in Central America and Mexico. The VVM “Church Mobilization Initiative (CMI)” starts and revolutionizes video ministry in the Philippines.

In 2009, VVMI rejoices in the prospect of continued growth and partnerships in spreading the Gospel through video and other media. VVM Director Darwin Bayani and Colin Edwards were invited to speak at the first-ever Americas area media conference hosted by Viña.  This event linked VVMI ministry partners across the Pacific and began the sharing of Viña’s “Deditos” in the Philippines.

2010 was noteworthy for VVMI’s Philippines partners attendance and mutual edification at the first-ever joint production training seminar to be held by VVMI.  The year also saw a preliminary investigation and visit by VVMI to a potential partner ministry in Peru that could expand VVMI’s involvement to South America.  In the fall, Viña Director Jose’ Abel de la Cruz toured VVMI supporting churches for the first time with VVMI Executive Director Colin Edwards.

In 2012, VVMI adds another ministry partner, ILMAV (Impacting Minority Languages with Audiovisual Media) based in Lima, Peru, South America.  The first audio Bible project was completed: 200 MegaVoice Envoy units in three major trade languages for VMN in the Philippines.

In 2013,VVMI’s ‘strategic alliance’ with Audio Scripture Ministry (ASM) based in Holland, MI, began to supply digital audio players to VVMI’s partners in the Philippines.

In 2014, VVMI became a full member of Missio Nexus, which is a group of mission agencies, churches, and individuals sharing information together because “the Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try and do together.”


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