GO on a VVMI short-term trip!

It has always been important for VVMI and its ministry partners that people and relationships come ahead of projects. To that end, short-term trips help bridge the gaps between individuals, churches, organizations, and even nations, while at the same time accomplishing the tasks of providing resources and encouragement to  empower God’s Church for accomplishing the Great Commission.

For those who feel called and are accepted to go, VVMI will custom design a trip with its ministry partners to fit Mission Volunteer and team preferences to provide “maximum impact” to all involved with the trip – those who send; those who go; and those who will be affected on the field.

Some VVMI teams go to villages right “off the road.” Such trips do not involve much walking. But, trips may go to very remote mountain villages that can only be reached by hiking. And, other trips may simply involve visiting ministry partner offices to encourage or train their staff.

VVMI’s ministry partners based in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Peru are all national Christian organizations using media tools and Scripture to reach millions of people in various stages of “reachedness” with the Gospel of Jesus and the truths of God’s Word.

Please prayerfully consider going on a trip and sponsoring a project to help VVMI’s ministry partners spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through video and other media!

Newly revised Mission Volunteer Trip Application will be available soon.


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